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Why e-cigs?

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular by the day, fuelled by the many advantages they have over traditional cigarettes and tobacco products.  Below you’ll find a few of the bigger reasons why so many people are now stubbing out their cigarettes and moving onto their electronic alternative…


Smoking is expensive, and can cause a massive strain on finances. With a packet of cigarettes costing up to £10 and maybe only lasting one day, the thought of spending a fraction of that on a product that will last much longer is very appealing. Here at Anglo Vapour in particular we offer some of the best value e-cigarettes around, making your wallet that much happier when you shop with us.

More Socially Acceptable

While different establishments will have their own rules about using e-cigarettes, they are undoubtedly more acceptable in many places than standard tobacco products are.  What’s more, there will get less of those looks from others when you sit down nearby to have a few puffs on your e-cigarette.


Have you had enough of the smell of cigarettes sticking to everything, from your clothes to your furniture?  Do you want to finally banish the stigma of smelling like a smoker?  If so, e-cigarettes could be the answer.  This is because they are virtually odourless and therefore less chance of anyone smelling that you’ve been using one.


A cigarette is, without doubt, a fire hazard – in fact, they are one of the main causes of fires in the UK.  It’s easy to see why: they need to be lit with a naked flame, and they then having a burning hot tip that can easily send many items up into flames when dropped.  E-cigarettes do not have this problem, as the heating mechanism is within the e-cigarette itself and no external area becomes even remotely hot.


Standard or menthol – they are generally the two options offered when it comes to cigarettes.  But with e-cigs this choice is multiplied massively. You’ll find flavours ranging from cherry through to strawberry, and from apple through to vanilla, so you’ll always be able to find a great new flavour to tingle your taste buds!

Your choice

The biggest advantage electronic cigarettes have over traditional tobacco is choice!  For decades we have known about the dangers of smoking and the damage that tobacco smoke causes to our bodies.  Vaping finally offers smokers a way of getting their nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide and the thousands of chemicals that come from the burning leaf.  Electronic cigarettes contain NO TOBACCO and although we are not allowed to say they are healthier it is obvious which is the better choice.